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Cure Tooth Decay

Cure Tooth Decay

Totally Rewritten & Expanded! Foreward by Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S. Because you deserve healthy teeth! This new edition has more than 60 pages of new content with 90% of the book rewritten including an additional 200 footnotes. There are clearer......
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  • Ramiel Nagel
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Totally Rewritten & Expanded!

Foreward by Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S.

Because you deserve healthy teeth!

This new edition has more than 60 pages of new content with 90% of the book rewritten including an additional 200 footnotes. There are clearer protocols and extensive details on what foods are safe to eat, and what foods cause tooth decay so that you will not make any food mistakes. There is more evidence on how dentisry damages teeth and clear information on toxic dentistry and how to avoid it. It includes a new chapter on bite and TMJ dysfunction and how it relates to tooth decay. Enjoy new a recipe for an amazing cooked green smoothie based on aruyvedic principals, as well as meal plan suggestions. These are just a few tidbits of what have been added.

Learn how to remineralize your teeth now with the book. Author Ramiel Nagel remineralized and repaired three of his tooth cavities and he healed his daughter's cavities.

You can avoid tooth fillings, tooth crowns and root canals by accelerating your tooth healing through proper diet.

Cure Tooth Decay provides a "best" mineralizing program for rapid tooth healing for severe cavities and tooth abscesses. It also include's dentist Weston Price's original tooth mineralizing program that was over 95% effective on even severe cases of tooth decay.

There is a vegetarian program for vegetarians. Even if you don't want to change your diet too much, there is valuable information here that could help you save your teeth from the dentist drill.

You will also experience a tooth decay prevention and remineralizing program for toddlers and children. Pregnant women can learn why painful toothaches and tooth decay occur, and how to stop them. Babies, children, teens, adults can accelerate tooth healing.

Unsolicited Cure Tooth Decay Reader Testimonials:

This book belongs in every American household, and especially in every single dentist's office in this country! - Ilona, Health Practitioner

The bottom line is, it works for me. Thank you. - Stacy M.

I've been following many of your recommendations as best as I can ever since, and I do feel that my teeth and health have both improved substantially. - Boris

My teeth have actually re-enameled over the brown spots quite a bit - I definitely have had regrowth. - E. Cohen Nagel's book is admirable for its honesty, clarity and inspirational power, and deserves to be taken as the deeply valuable resource which it is. - Joseph A. Marchello (Northfield, MA)

The protocol in this book is very effective for preventing and mineralizing cavities. -Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S., President, Holistic Dental Association

This book gave me the insights I needed when I was in tremendous pain and fear because of a dental crisis. - Teresa Ann Foxworthy

I was just at a Weston Price Foundation potluck and a woman had healed substantial numbers of cavities thanks to your book. - Jessica

If you want to avoid dentists and oral health problems for yourself or your children, and don't know whether brushing & toxic fluoride treatments will really do the trick (as we all know they haven't for most people), you need this book. - Leila

I must say it is fantastic! - Olivier, United Kingdom

[Cure Tooth Decay] is a vehicle towards a higher good. It changes your perception of reality. It changes the reality. - Ranko Medved, Croati

This is one of Radiant Life's most popular books… Buy it today!

Ramiel Nagel is an internationally published author whose tooth decay research has been featured in Nexus Magazine and the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. Nagel has also authored a second book, "Healing Our Children: Because Your New Baby Matters! Sacred Wisdom for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting." This book identifies steps parents can take to keep their babies healthy from prenatal to postnatal care. Healing Our Children which is available here, buy it today.

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