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The Truth About Children's Health

The Truth About Children's Health

The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reversing Disease Save your child from becoming a victim to cancer, asthma, behavioral problems, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, diabetes, obesity and more! Review by Janice M. Curtin......
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  • Robert Bernardini
    405 Pages - Softcover
    4th printing - 2015
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The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Preventing, and Reversing Disease

Save your child from becoming a victim to cancer, asthma, behavioral problems, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, diabetes, obesity and more!

Review by Janice M. Curtin

Published in Wise Traditions by the Weston A. Price Foundation

I have been looking for an all-inclusive book about children's health and finally have found it. Robert Bernardini covers every topic that relates to raising a healthy child, from how to make your own baby formula to why we have violence in schools... Bernardini addresses mental and emotional health and the growth of violence... Furthermore, people are getting sicker younger and younger - physically, mentally and emotionally. And it's not by chance - it's because our bodies are not being treated and cared for the way nature intended. Our children are exposed to environmental toxins which their small bodies cannot handle. They are stressed out and poorly fed.

Bernardini stresses that the diet of pregnant mothers and infants during the first few years of life is critical to their health and happiness later on. He provides extensive information on the foods and nutrients your baby needs, what these nutrients do and how to get them. Bernardini's dietary advice is in line with that of Dr. Price. Characteristic of the entire book, Bernardini is not afraid to tell us that it is important fo your growing child to get enough fat in the diet. "Newborns must derive 50 percent of the calories they consume from dietary fat. Fat is essential for normal growth from infancy on, since fats provide fatty acids, the building blocks children need for critical metabolic programming of brain growth and development." Bernardini gives specific advice on how to feed your child. He includes our recipes from homemade baby formula and recommends cod liver oil, egg yolks, raw whole milk and liver. Bernardini fearlessly addresses an array of controversial topics including birth defects, infertility, baby food and formula, soy, vaccines, and SIDS. He gives extensive advice on what to avoid but also has plenty of support and resources on ways to deal with any problems your child may be experiencing already. He dares to tell you the politics behind many of our government policies and how they are harmful to children. He gives his opinion on how policy should be changed to be safer. Bernardini does a good job of empowering us to be proactive. He is particularly concerned that we take back responsibility for our own and our children's health. He gives good advice when he says: "You must scrutinize closely the information your receive from the government and the mass media. Policy decisions, guidelines and laws are oftentimes made not so much for the preservation of our health, but for the preservation of profits. Big money can do big things, including influencing our government. A 1980 study showed that almost half of the leading officials at the FDA had at one time worked for organizations the agency is mandated to regulate... Do some reaearch and ask some questions. Don't necessarily believe somebody just because he or she is on the nightly news, in the papers or is a so-called 'expert.' Make yourself the expert. Learn to seek answers, not just accept what is foisted upon you - for the truth is often quiet and the truth is often hidden. Truth is not in it for the money, it just is. Truth doesn't advertise."

While The Truth About Chidren's Health is incredibly informative, some may be frightened by the book's emphasis on toxins and the dangers in our children's world today. Bernardini is very knowledgeable in that area... the book also empowers its readers and gives wonderful advice about how to bring optimum health to our children. Because this information could make an incredible difference in our children's lives, Bernardini's book is the book I would recommend to any new parent.

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