Earthing - Top 10 Questions

by Norm LeMoine

Since introducing our complete line of earthing products late last year, including earthingearthing sheets, earthing mats, earthing recovery bags, pads, bands and patches, we have seen an overwhelming positive response! During this time, we have answered many questions that have been compiled in the FAQ tab of each earthing product.

Below is a summary of the top 10 frequently asked questions about earthing technology. Thank you for your questions! Please share your experiences about earthing and grounding!


What You Ask about Earthing

  1. What is earthing? In its simplest form, earthing or grounding is a way of reconnecting to the earth's energy. This connection can be made freely by walking barefoot on the earth. Electrically speaking, electrons have a negative charge, while free radicals have a positive charge. Free radicals also are constantly in search of negatively charged electrons to which they can attach themselves. What makes free radicals dangerous is that they will strip electrons from molecules in healthy tissue if necessary. But reconnecting to the Earth allows for the transfer of free electrons into the body where they can neutralize the positively charged free radicals that cause inflammation.
  2. Does earthing conflict in any way with technologies such as magnetics or IR? Earthing is the equivalent of simply walking barefoot on grass or the the beach as well as swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans. Sleeping grounded or earthed has the same effect as sleeping in constant contact with the earth's surface. Although the use of magnets produce some therapeutic effects when properly applied, magnets cannot provide free electrons, nor can they connect the body with the naturally balancing electric frequencies of the Earth. Earthing technology is the only way, without standing directly on the Earth, to connect with the Earth's electrons.
  3. Will earthing protect me from the effects of cell phone EMFs? The protective potential of Earthing has not been fully tested yet on cell phone exposure. What we know is that Earthing reduces significantly the induced body voltages generated by simple exposure to common household 60 Hz EMFs continuously emitted by all plugged-in electrical cords (even if the appliance is off), internal wiring, and all ungrounded electrical devices in the home or office. Based on the cases we have seen of people extremely sensitive to such EMFs, it is prudent to be grounded as much as possible in the home or office.
  4. How does earthing affect the body's ability to heal? The simplest explanation is that aches and pains and other disturbances in our bodies are often caused by inflammation. Electrons from the Earth have natural anti-inflammatory effects and are conducted relatively fast throughout the body, which is a good conductor.
  5. How many minutes or hours per day of earthing should one receive? People with pain often feel relief in varying degrees—from a little to a lot, and to even disappearance of the pain—just by planting their bare feet on the ground outside for a half hour or so twice a day. Sleeping grounded through the night produces many beneficial results, such as better and deeper sleep, more energy during the day, and less pain. Again, the degree of benefits run from slight to dramatic, from immediate to gradual.
  6. How long does it take to experience its effects? Everybody is different and symptoms are different with different causes. Earthing does not cure anything. Contact with the Earth helps restores the body's natural electrical balance and reduce stress and inflammation. By doing these things, Earthing can have both short-term and long-term effects, and sometimes quite dramatic and quick. We have had many reports of improved sleep and decreased stress after only one or two nights of sleeping grounded. Generally, the longer you use Earthing products, the more benefits and vitality that become apparent.
  7. Will I experience any side effects? Initially, some people may feel some temporary discomfort or even flu-like signs, pain or achiness. In practically all cases, this experience is fleeting. This effect stems from a normalization of the body's "electrical system." In the majority of cases, no discomfort is felt at the beginning.
  8. Could Earthing do further damage to any existing medical condition? Not any more than sleeping or walking barefoot on the Earth would cause damage. 
  9. What's the number one way to benefit from Earthing? The best opportunity to gain the many benefits of Earthing is to sleep grounded.
  10. How do I know if my home is indeed grounded? An outlet checker will confirm if an outlet is grounded.

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