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What is Oil Pulling?

by Kathy LeMoine

Some people believe that many diseases start in the mouth. Recent research as well as the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine demonstrates a direct link between oral health and chronic illness. As incredible as this may seem, most of the chronic and infectious illnesses that trouble us are indeed influenced by the health of our mouths. Our mouths are a reflection of the health inside our bodies. Think of your mouth as a window to your body. When you look inside your mouth, which is the beginning of your digestive tract, you are seeing a representation of the condition of your entire intestinal tract!

What's Living in Your Mouth?

In essence, your mouth is a mini-ecosystem. It is like a tropical rainforest teaming with life- bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. With a steady climate of 95 degrees and 100% humidity, certain microrganisms thrive, forming communities that live on our teeth, gums, tongue, etc. Indeed, your mouth is an ideal breeding ground for germs!

The micro-communities in our mouths are unique for each individual, because the environment of our mouths is affected by our diet, lifestyle, health status, gender, etc. Stress can impact our immune system, which in turns affects the microbes in our mouth. Hormone levels also have an impact, as they encourage the growth of specific organisms. Medical researchers have been able to identify certain health conditions based on the microcommunities in our mouths. However diet has probably the greatest impact! Sugar and other carbohydrates act like fertilizer, proliferating yeasts and bacteria. Many of these same bacteria found in our mouths also take up residence in our intestines.

Oil Pulling Benefits

Oil pulling is an age-old method of oral cleansing originating from Ayurvedic medicine. It is one of the most powerful, most effective methods of detoxification and healing in natural medicine.  It has been practiced for over 2000 years!

The simple act of swishing oil around in the mouth not only cleanses the mouth, it gives the body a chance to heal itself. Remember, the mouth is a breeding ground for germs. The germs in the mouth migrate to other parts of the body, causing infections, altering body chemistry, and leading the way to any number of infectious and degenerative conditions.

Oil pulling removes germs from your mouth, thereby reducing the number of germs that can enter your body to cause harm. Oil pulling also helps to reduce the toxic load on your body and frees up your immune system so it can work more efficiently. Oil Pulling with coconut oil, sunflower oil or sesame oil can not only give you fresher breath, healthier gums and whiter teeth, it can protect you from amy chronic health problems.

Why not try oil pulling and test its effectiveness as a means of preventing and treating oral and systemic infections?


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Source: Oil Pulling Therapy by Dr. Bruce Fife

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