"Sally Fallon's baby formula – great stuff!"
Melissa T., CA

"You have been absolutely wonderful and I am very grateful for your assistance and customer service. The reason I got this water system is because I have had a lot of health issues the past 2 years and I want to make sure I am drinking quality water. So, I thank you for making sure this system gets installed correctly. My husband and I do lectures about nutrition and wellness and we will not hesitate to recommend your product!!"
Brenda W., OK

"Thank you again for your terrific work and for a water system we now view as foundational to our every day lives."
Jonathan H., CA

"I absolutely LOVE my water filtration system!!!!! Cannot imagine existing without it!!! I use the water to add liquid when making smoothies. I use the water in my fresh flower vase and they last 3 times as long. My Mother's Day bouquet is still as fresh and beautiful as it was when I got it two weeks ago! I use it in my small fish bowl for a clean bowl and healthy fish. I use it to make my tea, lemonade, etc. etc. etc. My husband was able to install our system in the basement so I have been able to keep the under sink space that I value…it is PERFECT! Although we have VERY GOOD tap water here….I tested it using the meter…I can tell the difference even when rinsing my mouth with water from the tap after brushing my teeth. When we eat out I bring bottled water in my purse…I am really aware of the chemicals in most other water now after using the filtration system. It was a considerable investment…but WORTH EVERY PENNY! THANK YOU!"
Carol M., WA

"We love our water system and love to know that we have the best of the best water purification system. Our plumber said we probably have the best water in the county and that he was so impressed with it!"
Hannah B., PA

"Your cod liver oil has done wonders for my health and welfare. I’m very pleased and yes, it has improved my short and long term memory."
Rayfield M., AL

"My daughter, 3 ½ months, LOVES her infant formula made from your products. She’s a Radiant Baby!"
Cheryl M

"Thanks a bunch. Your product is the best. I won’t buy any other brand of cod liver oil."
Melinda H., CA

"I can’t believe how fast I get my orders! Love the coconut oil!"
Deb C., NV

"We first learned about Radiant Life in the Appendix of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. After realizing the benefits of cod liver oil as an immune booster and great source for Vitamin A and D, we placed our first order. My daughter and I had our Vitamin D levels checked and we were a meager 7 and 11 on the scale where 50 is optimal. After three months taking Quantum Cod Liver Oil, our numbers were in the optimal range. Another added benefit is the protection it has afforded us against the common cold. Thank you Radiant Life for delivering this and other high quality supplements."
Karen F., WA

"Baby is thriving on the Sally Fallon recommended formula!"
Kim K., MI

"This is not just pure water---it’s healing water!"
Dr. L Williams, ND, DC (Co-founder of Neural Kinesiology, author Radical Medicine)

"Recently, I installed your Biocompatible Water System and I really love the water. But I was also surprised to find that I wasn’t the only one! I put out water for the birds in my backyard everyday and since I have been giving them your purified restructured water, I have to put out over a gallon a day to satisfy them---way more than before! You should see the flocks that come into my yard now!"
Marge M., AR

"I was thinking the other day how enormously knowledgeable and helpful you are. I hope that Radiant Life is a very successful company because you're all really doing such a good thing there, with so much class and integrity."
Monique, CA

"Great Water! I love the taste and the fact that I can see the water’s purity with the meter. We have a baby on the way and I feel safe knowing that I am giving myself and my family the very best water. And I don’t fear the headlines any more!"
Chuck F., WI