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Radiant Life Collagen

Radiant Life Collagen

A nourishing superfood for healthy bones, joints and skin. Radiant Life Collagen provides the nutritional building blocks to support the repair of damaged cartilage and bone, and to promote a healthy digestive tract and skin. It contains high concentrations of......
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A nourishing superfood for healthy bones, joints and skin.

Radiant Life Collagen provides the nutritional building blocks to support the repair of damaged cartilage and bone, and to promote a healthy digestive tract and skin. It contains high concentrations of type II collagen peptides, naturally occurring chondroitin sulphate, diverse growth factors and a range of trace minerals. All of these components are present with their co-factors in synergistic quantities, giving them optimal absorbability and reparative potential. Our Collagen is produced from the cartilage of grass-fed cattle that are raised in the green pastures of New Zealand. Unlike other collagen products on the market, Radiant Life Collagen is created by a proprietary process that uses no harsh solvents, acids or sterilization procedures. Our careful preparation methods ensure the maximum bioactivity of the collagen.

Take a look inside.

At first glance, our Collagen might seem like a typical collagen or protein supplement. However, a look inside reveals that Radiant Life Collagen offers many distinct and important compounds for a holistic approach to connective tissue health.

First and foremost, it is rich in natural type II collagen from bovine tracheal cartilage. Collagen is the insoluble fibrous protein that helps to maintain structure, shape and functionality in bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and the skin.

Our Collagen also contains chondroitin sulfate, a key component of human cartilage. When taken orally, chondroitin sulfate has been found to protect joints from structural changes that occur over time with normal wear and tear. It can also be used therapeutically to aid in repair processes following musculoskelatal injury. The chondroitin sulfate in Radiant Life Collagen is naturally present in the ideal form for optimal absorption and assimilation via the gastrointestinal tract.

Within Radiant Life Collagen there are also important bioactive cartilage derived growth factors. These delicate proteins help to maintain the integrity of connective tissues and to stimulate their growth and repair. The proteins in Radiant Life Collagen include: IGF I, TGF B1 and CDGF. We use gentle preparation techniques that have been specially designed to preserve the bioactivity of these valuable growth factors.

These many compounds, along with countless others, work synergistically in their naturally-occurring ratios to nourish and heal the connective tissues.

This collagen is unique.

Radiant Life Collagen is made directly from the cartilage of healthy, grass-fed, free-range cattle. Many other collagen containing products on the market are manufactured from inedible hides and unspecified bone fragments that are left over from meat processing and then treated with heat and acid to render them fit for human consumption. These types of products, which include certain forms of gelatin and other collagen protein supplements, contain mainly type I collagen.

In contrast, Radiant Life Collagen is prepared from carefully selected raw cartilage materials that are deemed food grade even before manufacturing begins. The cartilage is then prepared with a gentle enzymatic process that maintains the collagen molecules in an intact form. Because the cartilage is not chemically altered, other natural components are also present, such as the growth factors and chondroitin sulphate, which are either deliberately extracted or destroyed by other commercial processes. Radiant Life Collagen is highly concentrated in type II collagen, which is the form that is predominant in cartilage and that surrounds and protects the joints.

Because it is minimally processed, it is important to note that our Collagen is not soluble and is therefore best taken as a capsule. The powder itself will not dissolve in liquids and does not serve as a gelling agent. We feel this difference is important, because we believe in offering the whole food in its least altered form.

Key Features

  • Grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine tracheal cartilage
  • Provides the nutritional building blocks for healthy cartilage, bone and skin
  • Rich natural source of type II collagen
  • Contains chondroitin sulfate to support healthy joints
  • Minimally processed to maintain nutritional integrity
  • Free from additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients of any kind


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