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Wild Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Wild Whey is not like most protein powders on the market. Wild Whey is an undenatured, native whey protein that is not only good for you but also tastes great! "Native" means that the whey is made directly from milk. Most other whey powders found in stores......
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Wild Whey is not like most protein powders on the market.

Wild Whey is an undenatured, native whey protein that is not only good for you but also tastes great! "Native" means that the whey is made directly from milk.

Most other whey powders found in stores are made from the liquid leftover after curdling milk and draining off the milk curds, which is a byproduct of the cheese and yogurt making process. This leftover whey was once considered industrial waste, until someone figured out how to make it into a powder. Unfortunately this commercialized whey undergoes more than necessary forms of heat, acid or enzymatic treatments, each of which damage the product. All of this processing results in a denaturing of the many beneficial biologically-active properties that are inherent in raw milk.

Wild Whey is different. It is an undenatured native whey protein made from the grass-fed milk of happy cows that roam and graze on organic pastures year round. This native undenatured whey is made directly from milk and does not go through any of the industrial cheesemaking process. The milk used to produce Wild Whey is gently pasteurized at the lowest minimum temperature allowed by law, then immediately air-cooled using ambient air temperature as a means of protecting as much of the beneficial nutrition as possible.

What you get is a creamy powder that has a pleasant and faint milky aroma and flavor. It tastes great with water and even better in a smoothie or shake.

Because of our method for producing Wild Whey--and due to the amazing Australian grass-fed milk that is used--it's greatest selling point comes in the form of the results-promoting and health-promoting biologically active nutritional components that make up the final product. Independent lab testing has shown that Wild Whey contains as high as 6x more and as low as 3x more glutathione producing protein components--immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, serum albumin--than traditional whey protein isolate and ion-exchange proteins!

It's time to say no to mass-produced, mega-processed, cheesy whey protein and say yes to ultra-premium, non-denatured, native, biologically-active Wild Whey protein!

Key Features

  • Made from the milk of cows that are grass-fed year-round
  • Hormone-treatment-free, pesticide and chemical-free
  • Gently processed and dried using ambient air temperature
  • Contains the full list of essential amino acids
  • Independently tested for high levels of immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, serum albumin
  • GMO-Free, soy-free, gluten-free
  • No added sugar

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