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Traditional Wisdom

Generations of healthy indigenous peoples, living in accordance with natural laws, have proven that humans have an exquisite genetic potential for vibrant, disease-free health and longevity. Sadly, this incredible history is virtually unknown in the Western world — forgotten, lost, or ignored. After a century of unprecedented decline in health, we in the West now accept degenerative disease, digestive disorders, anti-depressants and crooked, decaying teeth as normal. It is time to reclaim the freedom from disease and radiant health that is our birthright.

So just what is this traditional wisdom, and why is it worth exploring in this technological age of MRI's, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and biotechnology? - Good question!

As Sally Fallon has pointed out in Nourishing Traditions, "...modern food choices and preparation techniques constitute a radical change from the way man has nourished himself for thousands of years and, from the perspective of history, represent a fad that not only has severely compromised his health and vitality but may well destroy him." We have put our faith in technology, and no longer look to our elders for guidance in the most basic areas of life such as diet and health.

In looking to modern technology to lead us to health and happiness, we have collectively experienced what Daniel Quinn calls "The Great Forgetting." As a society we have forgotten that most of human history took place in simple, non-industrialized cultures – cultures which did not experience most of the diseases, stresses, and travails that we today consider inevitable. This is not to overly romanticize traditional societies, but when we realize that our ancestors were taller, stronger, and enjoyed sensory acuity and other abilities that we can’t even imagine; when we realize that heart disease, cancer, obesity, and dental cavities were unknown to them and they often lived long lives and were productive until the end – when these things become clear our surprise and civilized smugness often gives way to humility and fascination. Anthropologists and archaeologists also agree that traditional peoples typically had to spend just a few hours a week to obtain the necessities of life – the rest of their time was spent in leisure, art, learning, and play. Think about that the next time you are eating in the car, fighting traffic after a long day’s work!

What did these people know that we don’t? Granted, they didn’t have junk foods around to tempt them, but as you are about to find out, they were guided by an extraordinary wisdom accumulated over generations, which enabled them to turn raw materials from nature into superfoods that supported a level of health we "civilized" people alive today have never known.

A wise man said, "People don’t always know when they’re being lied to, but they always know when they’re being told the truth." Time and time again, we have found that when people are introduced to the traditional health wisdom of our ancestors, they report that they know it is true – at their core. We invite you to become part of "The Great Awakening," as millions of people discover that when it comes to health and nutrition, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Degenerative diseases, obese babies, sick children, depression, and infertility are NOT natural, and not inevitable. By living according to nature’s wisdom, we can end the cycle of degeneration that has come to characterize civilization itself. It is time to reconnect to the nourishing traditions of our ancestors, and reclaim the radiant, healthy lives we were designed to live.

We invite you to explore the following books, articles, and tapes, which discuss traditional wisdom as well as our modern predicament and opportunity, in greater detail.

  1. Traditional Wisdom
  2. The Pioneering Research of Dr. Weston A. Price
  3. Summarizing Dr. Price's Findings
  4. What is our full genetic potential? How do we reach it?

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