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Bariani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bariani Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Best of the Best! Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation's 2015 Shopping Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category! The olive oil you buy may not be as wholesome or pure as you think. Even if it is certified organic, first-pressed olive......
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The Best of the Best!

Recommended in the Weston A. Price Foundation's 2015 Shopping Guide - Ranked in the BEST Category!

The olive oil you buy may not be as wholesome or pure as you think. Even if it is certified organic, first-pressed olive oil, if your olive oil is clear, it has been filtered or it may not even be 100% olive oil. If it were the real thing it would be completely cloudy and you could not see through it. Bariani is a supremely high-quality olive oil: harvested and processed the way it was done for thousands of years. Virtually all olive oils are machine harvested, extracted with heat, and filtered, all of which remove important nutrients and antioxidants.

This first-pressed olive oil is hand-picked, milled with a stone wheel within 48 hours of harvesting, and pressed with a hydraulic press. Grown on a small family farm in the Central Valley of California by an extended Italian family that moved to the US in the 1990s, Bariani olive oil is pesticide-free and packaged in a dark glass bottle to protect from oxidation.

Bariani olive oil starts its life not in the bottle or after the olive pressing but at the root of their trees. The Bariani family gives particular care to the entire extraction process from the tending of the orchard to the bottling of the oil, opting for quality rather than quantity. Their process of extraction is true to the origins and art of olive oil making. They will continue this millenary tradition for you to enjoy at your table. Exquisite!

Bariani's extra virgin olive oil will differ in flavor and taste every year due to their traditional process of extraction. However, you will always find the same subtle characteristics that differentiate their olive oil from any other and that accommodate even the most discriminating palate.

A great complement to any food and a perfect choice at any special occasion.

Bariani Olive Oil is committed in producing an authentic extra virgin olive oil which is raw. Produced in a limited quantity, the olive oil is a registered organic product and with the particular and discriminatory taste of the family, the quality is always guaranteed.

Bariani Organic Olive Oil is Stone Crushed, Cold Pressed, Decanted and Unfiltered California Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Available in 16.9 fl oz/500mL and 33.8 fl oz/1L glass bottles.

For the perfect combination, consider complementing Bariani Oilve Oil with Bariani Balsamic Vinegar.

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