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Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil

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Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is real Norwegian cod liver oil that is fresh, raw & handcrafted from wild livers using a very rare ancient extraction technique which uses nature to separate the oil from its liver.

Key Nutritional Benefits:

  • Only Naturally Occurring Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin D3 395 iu/tsp* - helps your body absorb calcium to support bone health
  • Vitamin A 3900 iu/tsp* - supports immune function, vision, reproduction and cellular communication
  • Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and preserve brain health
  • EPA 443 mg/tsp*
  • DHA 605 mg/tsp*
  • No Soy
  • 100% Raw

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) is real Norwegian cod liver oil that is fresh, raw, & handcrafted from wild livers using a very rare ancient extraction technique which uses nature to separate the oil from its liver. No chemicals, solvents and mechanical devices are ever used during the extraction process. The oil is completely unrefined and produced under the total absence of heat, a process that protects its nutritional value.

EVCLO has a pale/golden color and a mild, fishy taste. It is thoroughly tested by leading universities and government-linked institutes. A true ancient oil in today's modern world, and one that their Norse ancestors would have been proud to consume!

The Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is fresh and a rich source of vitamins A, D and Omega fats. It is suggested that you start with one half to one full teaspoon of Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil daily. For some half a teaspoon is all that is needed while others may require more or less depending on their body weight and type. Because fat soluble vitamins can be stored in the body you may find that after several weeks of daily consumption you can reduce your intake or cut back to a maintenance serving size. 

*Vitamin content may vary, since it is naturally occurring.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 tsp (5ml)

Serving Per ContainerApproximately 30

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 45  
Total Fat 4.5 g 7.0%
 Saturated Fat 1g 5.0%
Cholesterol 20 mg 6.0%
Vitamin A 1,100 mcg 44%
Vitamin D 9 mcg 45%
Total Omega-3s 1293 mg
 DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 605 mg
 EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 443 mg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet.
 Daily Values not established.

Ingredients: Wild & Raw Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil.

Other Ingredients: Antioxidants traces of rosemary extract & non-GMO natural mixed tocopherols

Suggested Use: 1 teaspoon daily.

Storage: Refrigerate. Unopened bottles can be stored in the freezer for improved shelf life.

Once opened consume within 3 months. May become thick & cloudy when refrigerated or frozen: gently shake before use.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 softgels (500 mg each)

Serving Per Container30

  Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 15  
Total Fat 1.5 g 2.0%
 Saturated Fat 0.5 g 2.0%
Cholesterol 5 mg 2.0%
Vitamin A 1260 IU 25%
Vitamin D 127 IU 32%
Total Omega-3s 417 mg
 DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 195 mg
 EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 143 mg

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet.
 Daily Values not established.

Ingredients: Wild & Raw Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil.

Other Ingredients: Softgel (fish gelatin water, glycerin), antioxidants (traces of rosemary extract & non-GMO natural mixed tocopherols).

No artificial colours, flavourings, preservative, soy. Gluten and dairy free.

Suggested Use: Adults: 3 softgels once daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my Rosita Liquid or Capsules be affected by the summer heat?

A. Rest assured, Rosita ️cod liver oil Liquid and Capsules are safe during transit in any weather (even extreme heat.)The Rosita Liquid bottles are nitrogen-flushed and capped without oxygen, so they’re protected from heat and exposure to oxygen. Refrigerate upon opening. Since the softgel protects the oil inside from oxidation, refrigeration isn’t needed. Our Cod Liver Oil softgels, like all of our fish liver oils, can ship safely to you in all temperatures.

Q. Is Rosita EVCLO fermented?

A. EVCLO is not fermented. Rosita EVCLO is produced using an extremely rare ancient method which results in a fresh, wild & raw cod liver oil that was the preferred oil for the traditional people of the Old Norse culture.

Q. Do the Rosita oils undergo any form of refining?

A. No. Conventional fish oil refining steps include degumming, bleaching, deodorization, neutralization and exposure to high temperatures. Although it is possible to optimize refining steps to reduce the loss of nutrients, these processes commonly degrade the oil, damage the fragile unsaturated fatty acids, and remove the oils natural flavors, colors and nutrients. High-temperature distillation may result in the loss of volatile nutrients and negatively affect levels of vitamins, cholesterol, unsaponifiable compounds, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They may also result in a distorted ratio of the omega 3-long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA and EPA). Rosita believes that such oils are not natural and do not resemble the form of oil their ancestors once consumed.

Q. What Does Rosita Taste Like?

A. Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is fresh, wild caught and raw — from the clean waters of the North Atlantic. Given all of these unique factors, it tastes like fresh fish! Nothing is done to alter the taste or smell of the oil. No flavorings are added.
Many people enjoy the taste, while others may find it very fishy.
 Please keep in mind, there’s nothing like it on the market, so Rosita’s inherent taste is unlike the cod liver oils you can pick up at the grocery store. An industrially processed cod liver oil that tastes like lemon or is bland is likely is devoid of its proper nutrients. Here, you can be assured that the unprocessed, synthetic-free cod liver oil you get from Rosita is as fresh as the day it was bottled.
If you’re really sensitive to the taste of fresh fish, we also offer Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil softgels, which have very little to no taste at all. 

Q. Does EVCLO contain both vitamin D2 and vitamin D3?

A. Rosita EVCLO contains exactly what you would find present in the liver oil of a "living" wild codfish – nothing more and nothing less. Though vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) are available in a fish's diet vitamin D2 is almost absent in fish and fish liver oils.

Q. How do I store EVCLO?

A. Proper storage is critical to conserving the nutritional properties of Rosita EVCLO. Light accelerates the rate of oxidation, causing oil to go rancid more quickly. So does heat. When using this product keep it away from direct sources of heat and sunlight. Once you receive your Rosita EVCLO liquid please refrigerate your bottle/bottles (if you are going to consume the product fairly soon). For longer-term storage, unopened bottles can be stored in the freezer for improved shelf-life. Once opened consume within 2-3 months. Overall, the oil must be kept dark and cold. The oil may become cloudy and thicken when refrigerated or frozen. This is no cause for concern. Gently shake before use. Keep out of reach of children for safety. To maintain the Rosita EVCLO softgels in the best possible state for the longest time, keep your softgels in dark storage at room temperature. Cold temperatures over prolonged periods of time can increase permeability of the gel and so they should not be refrigerated or frozen. Please note that in higher temperatures , Rosita softgels may clump together - this does not harm the product. If clumping does occur, let bottle cool on the counter if it arrives warm/hot. Once bottle has cooled, shake or tap the bottle to loosen softgels.

Q. Why does the liquid require refrigeration and the softgels do not?

The Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil must be kept refrigerated because once the bottle is opened, the oil is exposed to oxygen and has the potential to oxidize. The small amount of rosemary and Vitamin E. that is added to the oil, as well as keeping it refrigerated, help to slow down this process. On the other hand, exposure to oxygen is not a concern with Rosita Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil Softgels because the oil is kept encased in the capsule. In fact, long term refrigeration of the softgels will actually increase permeability and so is not recommended.

Q. Has EVCLO been tested to ensure it is free from toxins?

A. Rosita takes testing VERY seriously and uses a number of leading European Institutes to test their oils (Europe has very strict policies). Some of these include the "Institute of Aquaculture", a leading internationally recognized aquaculture research institution based within the University of Stirling, Scotland, (United Kingdom); and a number of independent Norwegian laboratories and institutions with great expertise in marine raw materials and products. Rosita oils have been tested for Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) including pesticides (such as DDT), industrial chemicals (such as polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs) and unintentional by-products of industrial processes (such as dioxins and furans). They have also been tested for heavy metals and microbiological contamination. The test results for Rosita EVCLO have consistently come back with very low levels of contaminants, and are fully compliant with stringent European Commission and WHO rules on environmental pollutants. The deep fjords of Northern Norway are some of the cleanest and purest ocean waters in the world. Rosita oils have also been analyzed by Universities and Government-Linked research Scientists, some of whom are involved in monitoring the quality of fish oils. Rosita oils are also currently been used in scientific research at leading European Universities.

Q. Is EVCLO gluten free, dairy free, soy free & processed on equipment that is gluten free, dairy free and soy protein free?

Yes. It is also GMO-free and free of all known common allergens (except fish).

Q. Is EVCLO safe for everyone to use?

As with most superfoods and supplements, we recommend consulting with your physician before taking this product if you have any concerns, or are pregnant or lactating, diabetic, allergic to fish or iodine, using blood thinners, anticipate surgery, have a diagnosed cardiovascular condition, nutrient absorption issues, are dealing with a chronic disease, bleeding or immune system disorder. It is important to make the nutritional choices that are best for your body!

Q. Why are there particles floating in the oil?

Rosita is unadulterated and does not strip out any of the nutrients. There may be little specks or particles floating in the oil. This may be waxes, stearins or other types of naturally-occuring fat. This is all completely normal and natural.

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  • Great product

    Jan 11th 2024 | By Nicole


    This product is very pure. I keep it in the fridge just to make sure it will last a long while.

  • High Quality Oil

    Sep 15th 2023 | By Christine


    I love that this is an extra virgin, raw cod liver oil! They are super transparent about their extraction process, which is a must for me. The taste isn't all that fishy either.

  • Cod liver oil

    Sep 5th 2023 | By G. Mason


    Excellent product. Fast shipping