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Urban Moonshine Organic Herbal Joy Tonic

For Stress & Adrenal Support. This Certified Organic Joy Tonic is a carefully formulated blend of aromatic herbs and flowers that help to support you through life's transitions (big and small) with grace and ease. Our Joy Tonic supports a healthy level of......
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Gluten Free NonGMO Organic Vegan
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For Stress & Adrenal Support.

This Certified Organic Joy Tonic is a carefully formulated blend of aromatic herbs and flowers that help to support you through life's transitions (big and small) with grace and ease. Our Joy Tonic supports a healthy level of tension in our nervous systems, internal organs, and blood vessels. Its volatile components can help restore positive mental attitude and promte a relaxed feeling when overworked or overwhelmed. Feedback between body and mind moves towards synchronicity and we feel peaceful. From this place we make better decisions and become more inspired and creative. Stress becomes a tool for positive change.

Key Ingredients

Motherwort Leaf and Flower Less aromatic than most of its other more well-known mint family relatives, spiny motherwort is an herb everyone should be acquainted with nonetheless. The plant has been used by generations of herbalists to soothe occasional worries and simple nervous tension. The name motherwort suggests an added affinity for use in women. Its leaf and flower extract can support a normal, healthy attitude during PMS and because it promotes balanced muscle tone as well, motherwort is nice to have on hand for other minor, general discomforts associated with health menstruation. Its botanical name, Leonurus cardiaca, translates in Latin to "Lion's Heart"- how fitting since this herb also supports cardiac function! We'd be remiss not to mention motherwort's use as a bitter, as well, where it helps maintain gastrointestinal function by encouraging digestive secretions.

Linden Leaf and Flower Linden is prized for its sweet, soothing taste and soft, floral fragrance. The flowers and leafy bracts harvested in early summer make for a truly delightful aromatic experience. Simply to smell them is a lovely experience and when enjoyed internally they support a healthy, balanced nervous system. As an extract, Linden has been used to promote a relaxed feeling in the face of occasional nervous irritability. We turn to linden as an herbal ally for support in taking the opportunity to restart in the midst of life's everyday little stressors or for unwinding at the end of a long day. Linden is also traditionally used to promote health respiratory function.

Rose Bud and Flower Herbalists love the aromatic rose to support the heart, since it offers gentle cardiovascular support but also encourages a balanced emotional response to life's ups and downs. Slightly astringent, it is also used topically (dilute the pure extract with water) as a facial toner, and taken after meals to relive occasional heartburn. This is a very safe, aromatic herb.

Lemonbalm Leaf Dubbed the "gladdening herb," this mint family plant has been traditionally used to support us during times of stress, encouraging calm in the face of occasional anxiety. Additionally herbalists recommend it for "butterflies" in the stomach, where it can help relieve a feeling of fullness or pressure due to gas. It is often used as a tea, but a liquid extract is incredibly aromatic. It is very safe and can be used over the long-term.

Key Features

  • Promotes a joyful spirit and positive mental attitude
  • Reduces occasional sleeplessness
  • Supports a heathy level of tension in the nervous system and body
  • Uplifts the heart
  • Certified Organic and Gluten-free

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