Earthing Products Update

by Norm LeMoine


earthing mat

earthing sheet


Since introducing our set of earthing products last November, many of you have chosen to incorporate these into your day to day lives. Whether working at a computer, watching television, reading a book or just sitting back and relaxing, earthing mats have provided a way to connect with the the earth from inside our homes and workplaces. Similarly, earthing sheets, earthing half sheets and earthing recovery bags have transformed peoples' sleep by plugging in to the earth's natural electron transfer and antioxidant effects.

Save up to 42% on Earthing Starter Kits!

We now offer a chance to begin earthing while saving considerably with two great packages:

  1. Earthing Basic Starter Kit --- Includes 2 Earthing Mats, 1 cotton cover, 1 outlet checker and an Earthing book, all for just $79.95. A savings of $58.85!
  2. Earthing Premium Starter Kit --- Includes 1 Earthing Half Sheet, 1 Earthing Mat, 1 outlet checker, 1 product tester and an Earthing book, all for just $189.95. A savings of $107.85!


Earthing Sheets - Where has all the Cotton Gone?

    Unfortunately, due to a worldwide cotton shortage, production of our fitted earthing sheets have been delayed. We expect the issue to be resolved over the summer and have a complete set of fitted earthing sheets available for delivery in September 2011. In the meantime, please know that we continue to have earthing half sheets along with all the other earthing products.

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    *lower 48 states

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