Creating Pure, Remineralized Water... Get the Facts!

by Norm LeMoine

It’s not easy making sense of all the different water filters out there. Add the daily headlirestructured waternes about new toxins discovered in our water, (most recently concerning pharmaceutical residues), and many people throw up their hands at the thought of ever being truly confident about the quality of the water they are drinking. No wonder people are willing to spend $3 a pint for specialty waters with claims of super-purity and ultra-hydration!

Actually, creating truly pure, hydrating water begins with an understanding of difference between a water filter and a water purifier.

  • A filter is a substance like carbon or charcoal, which removes certain types of chemicals and toxins from water. Filters are valuable, but by themselves they are generally inadequate in today’s world for turning municipal or well water into healthy drinking water. No filter or combination of filters has ever been designed which can come even close to dealing with the toxins present in our water today. The reason this is true is simply due to the sheer number of toxins in our water. It is impossible to anticipate all of the toxins with multiple filters, much less the toxins we don’t even know about yet!
  • A purifier is defined as a component that removes 90-95% of all contaminants in water. There are three recognized purifier technologies known today: reverse-osmosis, deionization, and distillation. Because of their sheer power, purifiers must form the foundation of any drinking water system to have a chance at creating truly pure water.

Each type of purifier has one or two toxins it doesn’t deal with very well, but this is overcome by the synergy gained through the use of complementary filters. One reason that most purifying systems on the market such as reverse osmosis do not create truly pure water is that while they usually utilize filters in a complementary way, they rarely use multiple purifiers to remove above the 90-95% purification rate and stay there over time. Reverse osmosis systems for example, start at 90-95% purification when new, but decline over time to well below that. Thus, when you change your membrane after a year, you could be drinking water that is only 80% pure or less! With the number of toxins in our water today, that figure is unacceptable. Our 14-Stage Biocompatible Drinking Water System, which we have featured for the last thirteen years, is rare in that it combines filters and purifiers in the optimal way to create water that is 99.999% pure when the system is new, and never falls below 99.8% pure over time. Moreover, the pure water is returned to a natural state through essential restructuring and remineralization.

Once again, to make sense of the water purification confusion, remember that filters are good at removing a small spectrum of toxins but are not designed to do the heavy lifting that purifiers do. Only the right combination of filters and purifiers, along with proper restructuring and remineralization, can create truly pure and alkaline drinking water for true peace of mind.

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