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Top 5 Reasons to Start Earthing Now!

by Norm LeMoine

By now, it is likely that you have heard about the concept of “earthing”, the practice of staying in contact with the earth’s energy that nature freely provides us. This earthing phenomenon is not a theoretical concept but rather based on scientific fact supported by substantial research, laboratory testing and basic physics.

Our mother earth emits a constant flow of direct current that it continually stores from the sun’s energy. This current flows in the form of electrons from the earth having natural anti-inflammatory effects and moving relatively fast throughout the body, which is a good conductor. We can all (along with our animal counterparts!) benefit from tapping into this energy force by simply connecting with the earth’s surface. A simple walk while barefoot in the grass, along the beach or while swimming in our oceans, lakes and rivers, is all it takes to absorb this energy.

Why do it? Here are the top 5 reasons* to start earthing now!Earthing

  1. Improve Sleep
  2. Reduce Stress, Pain and Inflammation
  3. Neutralize Collateral Damage from an Injury
  4. Prevent Carpel Tunnel
  5. Speed Recovery from Trauma

We regard Earthing as a natural form of anti-aging medicine, whether you feel it or not. Of course, the best and easiest way to connect to the earth given most of our lifestyles in the 21st century is during sleep. Earthing sheets have been developed allowing all of us to get a full 8 hours per night. Additionally, earthing mats are available for work areas or while relaxing. So if you can’t seem to get outside or it’s simply impractical due to weather or environmental issues, you can still be kind to yourself and capitalize on nature’s most potent anti-oxidant!

Our bodies are indeed self-healing. Give it the support it needs through contact with the earth!

Learn more about Earthing.

*Please note that earthing is not purported as a cure for anything. It simply helps the body heal itself, to regain well-being and to maintain it.

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