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The Power of Sunlight for a Radiant Life!

by Kathy LeMoine

Luminous Nutrition

Hard as it may be to conceive, all living systems are continually “eating” color – or from their environment, and without that color-feast, they become far less vital, dynamic and resilient organisms.  The subject of light, color, color therapy is vast and deep – as well as extensively documented, and its importance can’t be overestimated.


While it might well fill a book, we’ll just lightly (no pun intended) touch on the health benefits of even modest sunlight exposure as an example – providing a total stimulation of metabolism, digestion, assimilation, circulation, respiration – and, just as with plants, fruits and vegetables – fostering growth. Immune function is heightened, endocrine function increases, resistance to pathogens climbs.

Radiant Living


Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, sunlight almost qualifies as a panacea, lifting spirits, brightening mood, warming hearts, galvanizing spontaneous joy in living.  Perhaps no other single presence is as pre-emptively critical as the sun in our lives, and it penetrates every layer of those lives, inside and out.


Knowing all the myriad miracles that the nurturing presence of the sun and sunshine play in the destiny of humanity, can we really pretend to isolate one part of that spectrum – food – and pretend that somehow it alone is capable of rendering us healthy?  In a dark, sunless, lightless world, food will neither be created in a nourishing way nor utilized healthfully by the depleted system.


Whoever penned the classic command of Genesis: “Let there be light” – knew very well what (s)he was talking about!  Light represents the ignition – the igniting of – all other cosmic and earthly elements, from atmospheres to organisms, giving birth to energy, form and movement.


Along with all your other eating then, take care to consume ample quantities of light, color and sunshine – and everything else you consume will be charged by the ‘battery’ of light.

Please share as inspired.

May you live and be well.

Joseph Marcello, December 2011

Joseph Marcello, director of Northfield Healing Arts in Northfield, Massachusetts. He has pursued the study and practice of the energy arts for over 35 years. He may be contacted at:

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