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The Best Ways To Take Cod Liver Oil: 12 How-To Tips & Tricks

by Kayla Grossmann

Cod Liver Oil BenefitsMankind has consumed marine liver oils for thousands of years, reaping the experiential benefits of dynamic omega-3 fatty acids, and synergistic Vitamin A and D content. Yet despite our most righteous attempts to "do what's best", when that potent fish scent comes curling out from underneath the narrow cap, the smallest sniff can send even the most stoic running swiftly in the other direction. The modern market has come up with all sorts of deceitfully processed, perfumed, diluted or untested “fish oil” products to appease squeamish crowds, but the truth remains: cod liver oil is a sacred food and the real stuff tastes, well, like cod liver oil. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the pure, unrefined cod liver oil your body needs, with some creative recommendations for even the most resistant of tasters. 

Where is the High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil?

As with many things in the 21st century, large market demands, love affairs with laboratories and environmental changes have resulted in "modernized treatments" of cod liver oil. While cod liver oil benefits are undeniable and age-old, the refined processing of cod liver oil now-a-days has made it far different from the sacred spoonfuls our grandparents slurped down. In interviews conducted with major mills and industry experts across Norway and Iceland (the two major cod liver oil producing countries) and elsewhere, we discovered this unfortunate truth to be all too true: most oils go through an extensive processing that destroys natural nutrients and renders them essentially impotent. This is partly due to the fact that small-batch old fashioned production is logistically complex and not lucrative, and also that treatment methods to remove the contamination of PCBs and mercury now found in our seas also remove most of the naturally occurring vitamins A & D.  Not to mention, the average demand for expensive, "yucky tasting" stuff is low when sugar encrusted vitamin chewies are now lining the shelves. While many of these processed liver oil products are re-infused with synthetic vitamins, these products lack the natural, synergistic balance that traditionally made this superfood so vitally powerful.

fermented cod liver oil

Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Radiant Life cherishes the one high vitamin cod liver oil produced in the United States that remains resolutely authentic in production technique. True to ancient roots, Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil is unheated and small batch created, offering the pure, full spectrum content of fatty acids, and vitamins A and D natural to this superfood. It is easy to digest due to the use of a proprietary fermentation process and regularly tested to meet purity standards. For more information on dosing and nutrient content, visit the Green Pasture's Fermented Cod Liver Oilproduct page. Because the benefits of cod liver oil are maximized when taken with vitamin K, the X-Factor, including good quality butter from grass fed cows and/or High-Vitamin Concentrated Butter Oil, cheese from grass fed animals and duck or goose liver is also crucial. For a convenient solution try a fermented cod liver oil-high vitamin butter oil blend.

12 Cod Liver Oil Taking Tips

Now that we have found a product and discussed the benefits, here comes the tricky part: taking it! You will find that with a little bit of creativity, it is really quite simple and not as scary as some naysayers make it out to be. Here is a list of ideas compiled from our community and experts in the field. There are really few limits on finding what works for you, just be just be sure not to heat the oil- this will destroy fragile nutrient balance!

1. Right from the spoon! Pour liquid onto the spoon, take a breath in, hold breath, swallow and take a deep breath in. Most people report they barely even taste it.

2. Try an organically flavored liquid. Hints of flavors like licorice, ginger, cinnamon or mint may be just what you need.

3. Take the capsules. Same benefits, different method. They are slightly more expensive, but many find them well worth the extra penny.

4. Mix with a smoothie. Try adding it in with Radiant Life’s Favorite Superfood Smoothie.

5. Mix dose with strong or acidic juice or komboucha. The tangy juice or fermented taste helps to mask the flavor, while giving you nutrients and/or a probiotic boost.

6. Put the oil in 1-2 ounces of water and drink in 1 big gulp.

7. Mix into yogurt or a bit of raw cream. Preferably whole fat and local, from pasture raised cows of course!

8. Blend with a dab of raw honey or maple syrup.

9. Add to homemade salad dressing blends. The unique flavor can actually taste great over greens.

10. Take with a large slice of lemon or a crisp cucumber. Munching on something fresh right after swallowing the oil can be helpful!

11. Apply topically to the skin. It may sound funny, but some parents have found that rubbing the daily dose of cod liver oil onto a child's bottom is the very best way for them to absorb the nurtients without a fuss!

12. Cultivate Gratitude. This is one of my favorites. Neurologists have found that gratitude is among the strongest positive emotions, and activates more centers in the brain than others. Be thankful for your knowledge on nutrition, healing and wellness!

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